Thursday, April 25, 2013

WSRM---Who can tell me why the customer is behaving like that?


WSRM---Who can tell me why the customer is behaving like that?
                                    --- For Trust and Honesty

Today i received my customer from Austrinia, he visit my factory together 2 peoples.its' reason he talked his last month order's problem. he buy 400pcs LED WALLWASHlights WR-WW16W001 from our company last month.he said to m it's meet big problem  for these blinked always when it's working .and he said it's problem from our company .i have asked him delivery back one pcs for our testing and we carried the delivery cost at 168usd. but it's working very good in our sales report to him this situation,he did'nt trust it. always insisted its' mistake from our company's quality ,and asked for our company to compensate for the damage .we have talked with him so many times and analysis the reason of how its'and why it's blink .we asked him to count the quantity of question WALLWASHlights and ask for him check whether it's from the unstable voltage in his area .but he never coordinated our inquiry for this case and can'nt clear the number of the bad lights.and no any data about lights working,only said its' mistake from our lights quality,no reason to say to us.  so we ask for him to visit our company and test it in front of him .ask for my company compensate for his damage.
anyway ,its' strange for this customer, we can'nt consider whether its' bad or real for his report.
Today ,he visit our company want place another order and talk about the questional WALLWASHlighs .
In our test room, he view the whole test course and the WALLWASHlights is totally working very good, no any blink the real fact front of him , he always insist on his views of its mistake from our lights quality .and ask for m to compensate for this mistake. how do i do it ?if u r me, how to face this kind of customer?we really have'nt any mistake on our lights and on this deal.
we analysis the mistake reason to him , maybe it's from his area's voltage unstable.
As u know, if the voltage in unstable,maybe the LEDs lamp will blink or burnd if the voltage is so high.but we have considered the margin of safety when we design our lights.our WALLWAHSlights actually can work in the voltage within 85-270v.but if the voltage is up to 270v,Maybe the lights will be blinked or even burned from the high voltage.
so we have test our lights between the voltage in 85-270v, and it's working well , no any blink occoured. the customer have been here for the whole testing course .
After our testing,its' strange occured that he said to m :maybe u changed the Driver in different one to prevaricate him. its' funny and joke,we r honest and responsibility people,our company always carry the duty for customer if the mistake from our works. we never change the driver and test in same driver not speciall one.i ask for him bring two Driver to test the WALLWASHlights by himself  when he come back .but he did'nt agree it, only insist on it's mistake from our lights quality and no any excuse.
In the end ,he ask for m to buy another driver from his appointed company to change our driver then  this case will over.
i can'nt agree him. why ?
cos my company has'nt take the mistake, why we shall carry this duty?our WALLWASHlights is working well , no any problem.why we shall follow him ?and he's really vague to report this mistake and never coordinated our inquiry in this case.
i did'nt talked this problem with him no longer.and in the end, he has placed the new order of 200pcs  WR-WW16W001 to m again.
It's strange he did'nt insisted on the compensation for the last order.
i m doubt on this customer.
Who can tell me why the customer is behaving like that?

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