Friday, April 26, 2013

WSRM---LEDlights is for free sample ?


WSRM---LEDlights is for free sample ?

Today i talked with my patient customer from Albania,he take a request to m :" If u are ready to market ur products. U will send some products. Bcos here they don't pay for what the don't have."he means all of the sample is free for him. i do'nt know why he can ask for this request. but actually it's not only from him. a fews guy also take the same request. if u r manufcatuer, how do u answer with this guy ?send the products in free. is' t possible ?if it's only one pcs or a fews kind of lights, it's maybe no problem.but if we send the all of sample to my customer, how it's the cost ?if all of my cusotmer ask m send the sample in free, how about the cost ?i think the true customer will think about it. usually it's in possible to send the sample in free. unless the customer is our old customer and take the long term corporation with us.
As u know, the business is base on the fair and trust , we all shall think about the profit both the two side.if one side no profit in business or take a big risk in business , i think the corporation can'nt be take. we all shall stop it. is't right ?
So business is corporation based on both profit .any one side do'nt want take the profit to himself and do'nt consider other side's profit.
so , for most of our patient customer or people to ask for the free sample, we usually say :sorry , we can'tn .it's our company's rule. hope u can understand it.

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