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WSRM---Spontaneous light products will make you surprise!


WSRM---Spontaneous light products will make you surprise!
This year, we have corporated our friend and partner to produce new products ,its' will let u suprise .it's named :SPONTANEOUS LIGHT PRODUCTS!
You will be surprise when you read this blog. i sure it. enjoy our new products--spontaneous light products!

Early spontaneous light material,Can be traced back to Madame Curie discovered the element radium, it is the first generation of spontaneous light material,has certain radioactive。
The second generation of spontaneous light material—that is the traditional sulfide fluorescence material,has certain poisonous, radioactive,And with lower luminous intensity and shorter duration。

The third generation of light-storing type spontaneous light material,it was discovered in 90s,compareing with the two generation of spontaneous light materials ,this material has non-toxic, no radioactive and other significant advantages.
Other energy storage luminescent material is made of zinc sulfide crystal.For added a small amount of copper or radioactive element radium, promethium and cobalt isotopes,Not only this kind of material chemistry's stability is poor, luminous intensity is low, the luminous time is short,but also it has great harm to the environment, the human body.
WSRM's products are based on the latest third generation of spontaneous light material,Namely light-storing type spontaneous light material,the rare earth elements as raw materials,And use the patent nano technology processing production.
Withing the advantage of The third generation of spontaneous light material has  nonhazardous, no radioactive ,etc.Compared to other similar products,the WSRM's self-illumination product has the following uniqueness.
Six features of our company products
1. Higher and Longer Brightness 
General luminescent powder can shine over 12 hours。But the highest brightness less than 10000mcd/m2,and it is in the moment of stopping excitation light source.
Our products can reach the highest 36800mcd/m2。
2、Integration plate, more stable
    General illumination powder need plastic processing, WSRM product can be formed directly according to patented technology,that is the difference.Not only get rid of the problem of black material which plastic process can't avoid ,but also have btter effect and sensory。It is also because the characteristics of integrated plate
WSRM's products don't have any reaction with almost any common substance in normal temperature ,can prevent the corrosion of acid and alkali effectively 。It is one of the reasons that our products can be adapted to the outdoor environment
3、Fusion nano materials,high hardness、glossy
Due to fuse together with nano materials, integration plate process,effectively avoid the weaknesses of rough surface, easy to fold broken ,make our products have high hardness, luster characteristics such as ceramic general .
4、Warm and cold resistance, stronger thermal insulation 
 The application of nanometer materials makes WSRM materials have good insulation property. Almost adapted to all indoor and outdoor
temperature,  normal suction and emission.
5、Absorption spectrum width
In addition to pure yellow and green light ,our company's products can absorb all visible light,Even ultraviolet,it can absorb and store all kinds of light.
 Because of the integration process,our products can be composite designed with other content materials easily.
Spontaneous light products series
Garden Landscape Series
It is core product of our company.
     including Nano rare earth luminescence garden lamp、landscape lamp、Luminous flowerpot、Luminous flower arrangement、Luminous foot pedal and Luminous stones,ect.
Used for municipal square, garden decoration, gift, landscape ornament etc.

Luminous Square Series
Luminous water conservancy Series

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