Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WSRM---LED STRIPlights price reflected the Red Sea of LEDlights market!


WSRM---LED STRIPlights price reflected the  Red Sea of LEDlights market!

Yesterday , i have talked with my customer from Brazil, he told m he need of the LED STRIPlights, ask for m give him best price to support him . i quoted him at 2.2usd/m.i think it's best price in my ability . but do u know what's his response ?it's surprise to m, he told m another company give him the price at 0.53usd/m.My God , i ask him check it if it's wrong, he answered m :its' right.
Wow, if u have buy LEDlights before, and u maybe know the basic technology and normal LEDs price.for the LED STRIPlights , we usually choose the two types LEDs as the light source, SMD5050 and SMD3528, and we usually make the LED STRIPlights in two types of 30pcsLEDs/m and 60pcsLEDs/m.for the light source lamp of SMD5050 and SMD3528 in the current market the price usually at less at SMD5050 0.032usd/pcs,SMD3528 0.018usd/pcs (the both price is single color),so if we make the LED STRIPlights in 60pcs/m,for the SMD5050 and SMD3528 , We need the cost of the light source at less is SMD5050:60pcs*0.032usd=1.92usd,  SMD3528: 60pcs*0.018usd=1.08usd.
according the calculattion above , do u know how much cost is the LED STRIPlights for the SMD5050 or SMD3528 light source ?and it's only cost for the light source no include PCB and labor cost .so how can i do it at the 0.53usd/m for LED STRIPlights ?is't possible ?
i think u can consider it by usuelf and u can know how much the cost at less for the LED STRIPlights ?
so i do'nt accept the customer's request, i can'nt accept his orde,. cos i m honest man and resposibility man ,my company's is also responsibility company . we can'nt do it . its' not resposibility action .and it's cheat to customer.
why customer buy from us ?what's his buy from us ?
the quality and the safe and the light's function. if we can'nt provide anyone of the three factor, we can'nt do it to customer. if any company do it .it's cheat to customer. no doubt.
This case let m think about why my customer can trust the another' company's quotation ?cus he want buy the cheap . but , in china ,there is a sentence :one coin only buy one goods fixed the value of one coin.means how much u pay buy the goods then u can get what's level of the quality goods suit at how much u pay .
why is't happend for the price ?
cos the LEDlights market is competed very hot, the market was become the Red Sea.
so many of company want get the customer's order. they will cheat customer at low price but it's impossible , i think these company know it. but they want get the order, so they cheat their customer.
its; not honest and not resposibility.its' will not long time.
WSRM never cheat customer, never promise to customer impossible.
WSRM always follow these rule on customer below :
1.COSTOMER is our cooperator , it's our partner ,it's our friend,it's our life, and it's our future 
2.COSTOMER is our sources of profit , without customer , where is our profit ? so customer shall own the big profit and we only get little one; 
3.COSTOMER's things is our self things . customer's success is our success , customer's trouble is our trouble
4.COSTOMER is GOD, we must serve customer welll without any excuse.

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