Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WSRM---LED KITSlights transform your home into a romantic getaway!


WSRM---LED KITSlights transform your home into a romantic getaway!

Recessed LED KITSlights
WSRM---LED KITSlights are used for recessed lighting in a home, office or business. These lights are often used where hanging fixture would not go or where highlighting or spotlighting items is desired. Kitchens, living rooms and great rooms are all excellent examples of places to use recessed lighting. Spas and hot tub areas are also a desirable place to use can lights. With the addition of a dimmer switch and some soft music, can lights can transform your home into a romantic getaway.

What Can They Light?
Some WSRM---LED KITSlights come with a fixed socket to project the lighting only downward, but others, come with a swivel can trim that allows the light to be adjusted and pointed at different angles. This way you can shine light at an angle to focus on a painting or fireplace for instance.
What Types of Recessed WSRM---LED KITSlights are Available?
Recessed WSRM---LED KITSlights come in two different styles: insulated ceiling type or non-insulated type. The insulated type fixture cans allow you to place them right up against the insulation in the ceiling. They have a built-in air chamber that allows the heat generated by the bulb to escape. However, the non-insulated type can is very different. You must allow a minimum of three inches of clearance around the fixture housing to allow the heat to dissipate.
How do They Mount?
Recessed WSRM---LED KITSlights have two adjustable mounting brackets that slide out to attach to the ceiling joists. You can fasten these with nails or screw to support the fixture. The bottom of the fixture should be even with the bottom of the ceiling joist with only the circular opening protruding down the thickness of the drywall so that a flush finish is achieved. The next steps will be to wire the recessed can and install the drywall. Once the drywall is installed, the fixture will need the trim ring that houses the bulb and this will attach with springs. It will secure firmly and flush when installed correctly.

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