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WSRM---LEDlights in RUSSIA and Analysis of the Market!


WSRM---LEDlights in RUSSIA and Analysis of the Market!
One of the most promising markets, which already actively applied LED technology, lighting is primarily architectural, landscape and advertising. It is in these areas at the moment the benefits of LEDs over other light sources, the most tangible and economically justified.
On the market today are the following groups of manufacturers of LED lighting:
• European corporations that manufacture products under brands that are well known to consumers for lighting equipment with conventional light sources (metal halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps).
• Chinese manufacturers of lighting products, including LED-lamps. Part of the production facilities in China are designed for U.S. markets, Europe, and produce enough high-quality products, including under European and American brands. As Russia enters the main products of Chinese manufacturers who follow the path of the permanent reduction of production costs and, as a result, the final cost of the lamp. Savings on the components leads to poor quality of the finished product: even good LEDs in these devices are easily damaged by overheating, loss of tightness of the housing, etc.
• Russian production companies, both specializing in LED lighting equipment, and manufacturers with a complete range of lighting products, including in its range of LED-lighting.

Greater detail on the advantages of Russian producers of LED equipment:
• Russian manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures and systems, having qualified personnel and using advanced production technology, provides optimal balance of price and quality for the consumer. LED lights, on the Russian market of major European brands are quite expensive. This is due to high production costs of large companies, the cost of customs clearance and transportation, as well as price, "hyped" brand. Cheap Chinese lamps are supplied without any warranty and can last for long. There are high-quality Chinese LED lights, but they go to the European and American markets. Therefore, the ratio of price-quality "competitors a little Russian manufacturer.
• Flexibility in design and manufacturing, as well as a record of all the nuances in creating not only the lamp, but also management systems and food - one of the major advantages of the Russian manufacturer. None of the European and Chinese manufacturers will not develop and produce specially for a specific project unit model fixtures. With this deal can only Russian manufacturer.
• Expansion of product range. Russian manufacturers are expanding their product line based on the needs of Russian customers, taking into account the world experience in the production of LED lamps.
• Knowledge of Russian cities and the mentality of people, a careful application of this knowledge in the manufacture and installation of LED lighting fixtures and systems.
Russian manufacturers are offering their customers a comprehensive approach, which can not offer any Chinese proizvoditel.Pomimo own equipment, almost all manufacturers are willing to perform the full range of necessary work to create complex lighting systems, including this assessment services illumination, development of individual lighting design projects, development and coordination of design and construction documents, commissioning of equipment, warranty and maintenance services, etc. Competently installed and connected a set of LED lamps with all necessary devices indeed serve to the manufacturer of LEDs 70000-100000 hours.
To ensure the best value for money in the Russian manufacturing companies must meet the following conditions:
• Hull elements of its own design and manufacturing. Some manufacturers use cheap Chinese buildings with a low degree of protection against external influences, which entails a rapid failure of this device in the Russian climate. In addition, in the case for LED lighting should be provided with the necessary heat, so the LED equipment often is not even suitable quality housing for the lamps to fluorescent and halogen lamps;
• Set design documentation of its own design for each type of device;
• Own schematics regarding the power supply and control;
• Passage of all types of tests:
1.thermal cycling,
2. increase / decrease of temperature,
3. moisture,
5. test the electro-magnetic compatibility, tests.
Market prospects of LED lighting.
To date, as noted earlier, the LEDs are used primarily for architectural and landscape lighting, thanks to such qualities as: availability of the full range of color, dynamic color management, a very long lifetime (up to 100000 hours) and low power consumption. These characteristics do not fully have no other source of light.
With increasing light output and lower prices for LEDs in the near future they will supplant incandescent and halogen lighting sources, covering new application areas. Depending on what degree of effectiveness they achieved at the same time to continue their further advancement in the application of highly bulbs - fluorescent and HID.
Why can we talk about the great prospects of development of LED lighting sources?
At that time, as all currently existing light sources have reached their maximum luminous efficiency, LEDs are closer to only 10% of its capabilities.
In addition, important also to file the required amount of electricity. When illuminated objects, geographically located in areas of old buildings limits the consumption of electricity is extremely limited. However, construction of new substations require significant investment, both in and outside the city limits. The issue of alternative sources of high light, capable to satisfy the demand for lighting, not increasing while the production and the cost of electricity is very serious. For these purposes are best LEDs.
LED lighting can potentially qualify for a significant share of the lighting market over the next 5-10 years.

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