Monday, December 24, 2012

WSRM---LEDlights will be the biggest market in china!

WSRM---LEDlights will be the biggest market in china!

Yesterday,More than 30 local LED manufacturers  launched the LED Lighting Industry Alliance, which aims to facilitate information exchange among member firms and offer suggestions to the government regarding the industry.
The alliance was previously known as the LED Street Lighting Industry Alliance, when it was established last year by the government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
“We have made our first step in standardizing and advancing the industry’s streetlight products and are now moving toward promoting LED lights for indoor use,” the director of ITRI’s Environmental Research Laboratories, Tung Chien-hsiang , said at a press conference.
Tung said about 35,000 mercury vapor street lamps have been replaced with LED lights since December last year, and there are still 320,000 lights to be replaced over the next two years.
According to the institute, the LED lighting industry’s compound growth rate could reach 32 percent between 2010 and 2020.
By 2020, the global LED lighting market could be worth as much as 55 billion euros (US$72.74 billion), while LED lighting devices’ penetration rate could reach 50 percent and the LED lighting devices systems’ market value could total 36.6 billion euros, Tung said.
Supported by government policies and ongoing economic development, China will be the biggest LED lighting market, he added.

LED DESKlights

The ITRI said the output of Taiwan’s LED industry accounts for 19 percent of global production making it the third-largest LED supplier.
Looking ahead, the alliance remains upbeat.
“We forecast the macroeconomy will turn positive and the LED industry’s sales performance will improve next year,” Formosa Epitaxy chairman’s office assistant, Chien Yu-mei  said.
Tan Chang-lin , chief executive officer of TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd , also forecast that the LED
lighting industry will grow rapidly next year, driven by commercial lighting and the solid-state lighting businesses.

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