Thursday, December 13, 2012

WSRM---LED WALLWASHlights create different moods on your wall!

WSRM---LED WALLWASHlights create different moods on your wall!
WSRM---LED WALLWASHlights  body is made of high quality cast aluminum pull, anodized surface, beautiful and delicate, excellent heat dissipation;
 The light tempered glass mask with silicone rubber seal, internal epoxy potting ensure excellent waterproof lighting

 Metallic, perfect design, spiritual expression, silver exterior, precision production. Beautiful light emitted colorful, gorgeous romantic atmosphere, highlighting the elegant, adding quality of life.
 High brightness LED light source, start fast, light and color consistency, flicker-free; configure external DC12V LED special power supply, high job stability, ensuring stable luminous efficiency and service life; bolt installed in the floor or wall, simple and convenient.
 Widely used in supermarkets, buildings, bridges, hotels, restaurants, museums, gardens and other internal and external decorative lighting location;

WSRM---WALLWASHlights with single or full color for ur option.Color washing, or bathing a wall in a soft color, can be done with paint or with lighting. Color wash lighting allows for greater flexibility, since you can easily change the colors to create different moods or to coordinate with the time of day the room will be in use.
WSRM---WALLWASHlights allow you to program any color you wish, but you can easily make your own.

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