Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WSRM---LED PARlights series dimming available for your option!

WSRM---LED PARlights series dimming available for your option!

WSRM---LED PARlights series from PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 for your choice, and the dimming is available.
What's PARlights?How to measure the size ?led m introduce t u .

Rather than describing a style of lighting or a theory of design, PAR lighting refers to lighting that uses one of the most commonly found and inexpensive theatrical lighting instruments: the PAR, also called a PAR can.PAR stands for" photosynthetically active radiation". "Radiation" refers to electromagnetic radiation, which ranges along a spectrum from radio waves to gamma rays. "Photosynthetically active" means the portion of the spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis.

The diameter of PAR-type halogen bulbs is measured in 1/8-inch increments, meaning a PAR16 is 2 inches in diameter. PAR-type bulb styles include PAR14, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR36, PAR38 and PAR56.PAR64,

WSRM---LED PARlights series include PAR20/PAR30/PAR38,and for other's size, we can make i t as customer's request.
 PAR lighting instruments are used in a variety of applications, including the entertainment, architectural and aviation industries. In general, PAR lighting produces bright light that travels well over distance .

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