Monday, December 3, 2012

WSRM---LED AR111lights are more suited to larger comercial lighting spaces!

WSRM---LED AR111lights are more suited to larger comercial lighting spaces!your can make choice from 7W to 14W.

WSRM---LED AR111lights is a popular choice for downlights in commercial and retail premises.
As you know,the LED GU10 and LED MR16 spot lamps which are used extensively indomestic applications do have a limitation when used in commercial buildings. The upper limit on the LED GU10 spot is about 9watts realistically because of the limited space that is available for the driver and to allow sufficient heat to be dissipated. For this reason the AR111 is normally the preferred choice.It is larger than the GU10 and MR16 and consequently can produce significantly more light output. As a consequence a smaller number of AR111's are required and they are more suited to larger spaces.

WSRM---LED AR111lights is a replacement unit for the halogen AR111 which will save around 85% in electricity costs making it an ideal solution where low running costs are important. WSRM---LED AR111lights will typically provide a payback in around a year and save well over USD120 over the lifetime of WSRM---LED AR111lights . Additionally WSRM---LED AR111lights has an extremely long life, typically 30000 hours, which means that maintenance lamp changes are reduced and the much lower heat output reduces fire risk and air conditioning costs in the summer.
If you would like an energy survey to get a true prediction of savings for your installation please get in touch from our sales.

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