Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WSRM---LED BURIEDlights make your place beautiful in night!

WSRM---LED BURIEDlights make your place beautiful in night!

WSRM---LED BURIEDlights has power series from 3W-9W, and the color is option for single or full color.
WSRM---LED BURIEDlights all made in Stainless steel and tempered glass table mask, silicone rubber seals, internal epoxy potting; high efficiency constant current source of imports, the overall lighting in line with IP68 standard. LED is closely connected directly with the shell by shell wing and the air convection cooling, the heat can be effectively and ensure that the light source life. There are different color temperature or color available: cool white, white, warm white, red, yellow, green, blue

      No delay start, power can be up to normal brightness, without waiting, switching frequency up to 1 million times more green pollution-free: cold light source design, non-thermal radiation, the eyes and skin without any harm, does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements to achieve a true sense of the green energy-efficient lighting;
     Suitable for squares, architectures, gardens, bus stations, air ports, sculptures, work of arts, lawns, court yards, factory malls, streets, play grounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, gulfs, golf courses, notice boards and residential lighting and more.


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