Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WSRM---LED SPOTlights Energy Saving lamp always hot sell in the LEDlights market!

WSRM---LED SPOTlights Energy Saving lamp always hot sell in the LEDlights market!

According our financial department statistics until now, we sold out WSRM---LED SPOTlights 280,000pcs include MR16/GU10/E27 WSRM---LED SPOTlights.The main quantity is WSRM---SPOTlights 3W series.why we can got this great achievement?simple and complex and always from three factors:quality,competitive price,service.

WSRM---LED SPOTlights energy saving LED lamps deliver high quality performance using significantly less energy than a standard halogen lamp. WSRM unique electronic design and unrivalled efficient thermal management deliver high reliability and long life performance of 46,000 hours +.
 WSRM---LED SPOTlights is available WSRM branded or under private label

· Designed for long product life - electronics and LEDs(CREE/SUMSUNG/BRIGDELUX/EPISTAR)
· Instantly bright and colour stability over lifetime of product
· Environmentally friendly - mercury free
· Maintenance free for more than ten years (assuming 10 hours per day 365 days per year)
· Significantly reduces maintenance costs
· Intelligently and concise designed
· Low energy consumption
· Direct replacement and easy to fit

· Colour temperatures from warm to cool white (2700K - 7000K)
· Under private label or WSRM branded
· Available in beam angle options 15/25/45/60/90°
· Input voltage 85-265vac 50Hz
· Not dimmable/DIMMABLE optional
· Unique optical designs for:
· Spotlight and general illumination applications
· Domestic and commercial lighting

· The WSRM---LED SPOTlights is manufactured to stringent WSRM and ISO9001:2008 quality standards, and comes with the peace of mind of a two year warranty.CE/ROHS/FCC listed;
· All WSRM---LED SPOTlights products comprise Cree/SUMSUNG/BRIGDELUX/EPISTAR LEDs, in addition to high quality driver electronics.
The WSRM---LED SPOTlights is available in options to cover spotlight to general illumination applications with beam angles 15/25/45/60/90° degrees, and with colour temperatures from warm to cool white, tailored to customer specifications.
The WSRM---LED SPOTlights is available WSRM branded or under private label, and comes with the reassurance of a TWO year warranty.

WSRM SPOTlights range enables customers to easily switch to LED and enjoy the energy saving benefits. We’re happy to help customers through this process, to ensure we provide the best solution for their business,save money,save energy!

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