Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WSRM---LED DOWNlights 24W DRIVER was reveal!

LED DOWNlights 24W DRIVER:WSRM24W-D was revealed today !it's good news for our customer. for more of infomation , u can registerd our member ,than login our site to get the details.
As u know, LEDlights the important factor is include two side :one is the LED chip(dice), and another is the LED DRIVER.usually the chip is not easy for harmed in right design PCB(p/s), but the LED DRIVER is usualy meet some question when the LEDlights is working. if the DRIVER is good quality (PF/efficient), then the LEDlights is working long time in it's lifetime untill more than 100,000Hrs. but if the DRIVER is not good, then the LEDlights can'nt working last its' lifetime.
it's simple explain for how LED DRIVER it's important for LEDlights .u want get more of information, pls visit our site or contact our sales.
the LED DRIVER of WSRM24W-D is especially designed for our LED DOWNlights24W ,it's our hot sell products. but it's also can application  for external LED ceiling downlights, panel lights, grid lamps, designed using traditional SCR adjust the current dimming, by imported IC stable and high-quality components quality control adjust the current passed CE / FCC / UL / GS / CSA certification. Compatible with most brands of dimmers, for market compatibility dimming LED drive power one. The IW3612 program.
Our R&D always work hard for new LED DRIVER design, u will see more of our LED driver unvealed in the nearly future.
anyway , we have plan to produce all of the LED DRIVER to our all of LEDlights. it's our aim and it' our duty .
rememeber,WhiteSunRedMoon is a dream , your dream!my dream!his dream!the world dream!

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