Friday, October 5, 2012

How to face customer's complain?

How to face custome's complain ?its' big question for sales .
my sales has a customer from SPAIN, he buy the shelf lights from our company , but he found it's difficult to fixed the wall , then he ask for the sales for the fixed accessories . my slaes told him it's no accessories to fixed , only the screws ,it's enough and it's usualy installed in the buttom of cabinet . then the customer's do'nt like this answer and explain it ,my company's catalogue do'nt show this products fixing the buttom of cabinet but on the wall straightly  .my sales can'nt agree it , but it's show only straightly fixed on the wall in my catalogue's pcs , actually , it's our mistake to edit this catalogue , and the customer is a recruiter in the LEDlights field . so the question was happend .
then , the next question is how to solve it and let the customer saticfy.i have plan my engineer to find a way to solve it and give the plan to customer , let him fixed it straightly on the wall by himself
according my engineer provide the plan , he can fixed on the wall use 2 bolts .then it's fixed well . do'nt afraid the fixation .
from this case , i ask for my staff must be careful in everything . do'nt think some thing is lttle . it's trouble when the little things apear .
it's lesson for our company .
remember it . .

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  1. Assure the customer that you will do everything you can to resolve the problem. Express empathy for their situation.