Friday, October 19, 2012


always busy for my customer's order , so long time do'nt write blog. in the recently time , it's hot season for LEDlights, most of our customer place order since half of september untill now . the main products r LED DOWNlights/LED PANELlights/LED TUBElights/LED FLOODlights.though our over 100 staff produce it overtime day by day , and the time is always short for us . i got some complain from customer for this , it's good symbol ,also not good symbol.i know i must find a way to server customer well , must increase my capacity to produce LEDlights, but it's shall do it step by step. it's high season , and how do we do in low business season?
anyway , we must do our best for customer then we shall consider how do we do next step . anythng is moving ,any situation is changing . it's time we shall think how to meet customer;s demand in our corresponding capacity .
this's question for our capacity . and another's question is from my sales also from our customer.
so many cusotmer ask for our sales low the price . the reason was summarize to two many competitor quoted them low price but not sure the quality;2.they told us the market is so hot and face the keen competition.3.they place the big order (at least up 1000pcs i can judg it)
according the 3 reason , customer ask for our sales to low the price .it's also perplex on our sales . we must provide the good quality products , can'nt low the level of quality.and we quote to customer's price all in competitive.the space to low is almost impossible.but some customer do't understand it. always ask for low the price .is't possible?there r sentence in china :one coin can buy one article.means quality based on fixed price .low price in bad quality .
for this question , usually i ask for our sales do'nt low the price , shall explain to customer clearly and patiently .and most of our customer accept our quotation ,cos they know our quality from before order .and they know the price is not first important for business , the quality and service is very important for business . as u know , if we provide the bad quality products to customer . they do'nt accept it when the goods was arrived destination ,they ask for sending back the goods , how can we do it ?in my previously experience ,we can'nt accept the goods sending back, cos the custom's tax is so high than the goods value , it's better we do'nt accept sending back than we abandon it .so usually we do'nt accept the goods sending back.and it's also requested us to keep the strict quality rule. so our QC is good working and do'nt let any defect in our products.thanks for their always careful work .a good and big company must own good staff then can be No.1 in any time.
for the competivition , i know it , cos LEDlights market is growing fast , so many competitor join this fight then the market is becoming RED SEA,how to face the keen competition ?i always think about it . it's way to solve it :1.still keep our good quality in competitive price.2.improve our service after sales.currently , our service after sales mainly include accessories feed(main is LED DRIVER) and  less defect lights(main is for insert driver , can'nt be repaired,we shall feed the more of it to take a precaution),it's our mainly and usually provide to our customer.and 3.we always keep touching usually with customer then can know the market which one is popular and which one need to improve.our relationship is'nt not only on provider and customer,we r corperator,we r partner ,we r support eachother's ,we r's like as our company summary's words:
WHITESUNREDMOON follow these rule :
1.COSTOMER is our cooperator , it's our partner ,it's our friend,it's our life, and it's our future
2.COSTOMER is our sources of profit , without customer , where is our profit ? so customer shall own the big profit and we only get little one;
3.COSTOMER's things is our self things . customer's success is our success , customer's trouble is our trouble
4.COSTOMER is GOD, we must serve customer welll without any excuse.
follow this rule , we can own customer and own the market togerther with our customer.
actually , we think business is not only for money , LEDlights business is our career,i have a dream :BRING MY LED LIGHTS TO THE WORLDWIDE.
so we do everything must think of it ,and let it fixed our dream.
in the end , thanks our customer's always support .u r my good friend, u r my life , u r my future.
WHITESUNREDMOON IS MY DREAM ,ALSO IS UR DREAM, THE WORLD DREAM.then we can win anything , we can be great eachother's .the business is so , life also is so .

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