Friday, October 5, 2012


In the recentlly LEDlights market , which kind of LEDlights is the popular? in my company , The LED DOWNlights is popular ,hot sell lights. untill now , we sold this lights to our customer reach to 10,'s great quantity in the LEDlights market.
DOWNlights was usually installed in the office/supermarket/hall/meeting room/hospital/hotel/shop/mesuem etc, comercial and home place . it's replaced all of the traditional down lights.
why our DOWNlights was welcome for the market ?
you can find our DOWNlights profile , its modern and simple and classic .we made it by ourself .
all matirial r in aluminum, and the LED chip was used LUMUX from TAIWAN. we trust this chip and our cusotmer all give a good words for this chip . The LED driver was made aslo by ourself . can support the LEDlights working well untill the lifetime .
in the future , we have plan to open new module to produce the DOWNlights to fixed all the desire from the market . the size will be all of the inchs in the normal market .
it's coming soon.
Thanks for all of our customer's trust and support .
They believe our company's dream:Bring the LEDlights to the world , not only for money to do this business .
it's our dread and our career .also our life.

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