Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WSRM---DO u know how to choose ur LEDlights supplier?

Do u know how to choose ur LEDlights supplier?
Yesterday night, it's 19:00pm, i just come back from my office, and open my computer in my home, then i received my customer's messenger from SKYPE. she told m her compnay meet a  big problem from her another supplier from TAIWAN. about the details of the problem she do'nt told . only ask for m help her to contact the TAIWAN's company's manager, and her told m the company's sales who deal with this order is so bad. she buy the BUZZER and SPEAKER from this company . and this company's sales sold the bad quality products, then bring big problem to her customer. her customer ask for her company turn back all of the money if her company do'nt change all goods in standard quality . but the TAIWAN's company sales do'nt want carry this duty when she talked with him .the sales want avoided this case. through many talks with this sales, she know this guy do'nt want solve her problem and want escaped.
It's big problem., as a  responsibilty company , she must carry this problem for her customer, and another side, her supplier do'nt want do anything to solve it. how to do it ?she and her boss all feel angry on this case. they must find way to solve it. they want try to contact TAIWAN's company's manager. but they know this manager can'tn speak english .how to solve it ?she think of m. sure m can help her to do it.
so she sent messenge to m .
I said to her :it's ok. no problem , give m the contact info ,i will do it right now.
as u know it's time at 19:20, usually in asia , it's out of working time. nobody in the office normally . but i understand her feeling right now, i call this company according she give m the phone number.
its' expect result , the response is automaticaly from this company's phone :sorry , it's out working time, have some thing pls call us in working time.
I told her this result , and i feel she is very anxiety. i give her a suggestion :can u find another people she know his phone .
my suggestion let her recalled a girl who is former sales in this company and she is this companys' window with her. ok, it's good. she sent m the girl's mobile phone number.  i called her right now ;the girl picked up the phone, feel strange , cos she do'nt know m , i explain to her and ask for her of the number of her boss.
she told m she is in outside , do'nt free to do i t. and let m call her again after 1 hour .
I't s good news i told my customer. she feel very happy and tell m she will write a mail to this girl .then ask for m tell her care of her mailbox,
Sounds the thing in good and will solve it.
After hour it's time 20:38, i called this girl again, she taked my call and told m :"i just called my boss and told him about this question , and my boss told m he know it. but cos he meet a  private things his father just died yestoday , so he do'nt deal with any business in the periode time. he promised her tomorrow morning will go to office and deal with this question personally "
I think it's good news ,i forward this news to my customer. she is very relaxed and happy . cos she got the result on her company's big problem.
it's course of this question .
why do i write this story here ?
we can analyse it.
why my customer can meet this question ?
why the TAIWAN's company's sales do'nt want face this problem?
it's enough to know the two question.
if this company is a good company , they can'nt produce the bad quality products.maybe the problem is from their manage system.but anyway , they provide bad quality to their customer and bring the big problem to their customer.
as we know, any business will meet some question ,it's normaly thing, cos we all r humanbeing not GOD.we all can take some mistake from our works and business. so do'nt want avoide it in anything and anytime.
but we must know it's can'nt be big and seriouse mistake we made the mistake. Bad quality products is'nt allowed for good company and seriesely happend.
But the TAIWAN's company made this big mistake in customer's big order.
the last question is how to face the mistake ?
it's apeared we do'nt want find it.but its' happend. how do we need to do ?escaped, avoide?no, we must face on it. and firstly to think how to solve it for cutomer with out think the cost.we all say the words :Customer is our GOD. really do u insist on this words in ur businesss?maybe, some company and business man do'nt really keep this words in their mind. then the words just become a joke or shape. this company's sales is like this . he do'nt want face this question and want escaped from this problem .
from the above content , i think u shall know how to choose ur LEDligths supplier.
honest ,duty ,responsibitly ,improvement,kindly ,friendship,corperate,conmunication.,candor all r important for ur choice. and the first important factor is :honest and responsibility . when u meet question ,ur supplier will do their best to solve it togerther with u and do'nt think of their's good supplier. if u meet this kind of supplier in ur business. it's ur big lucky. u shall thank God.
anyway , WHITESUNREDMOON TECH CO.,LIMITED company do business follow this rule below:
1.COSTOMER is our cooperator , it's our partner ,it's our friend,it's our life, and it's our future
2.COSTOMER is our sources of profit , without customer , where is our profit ? so customer shall own the big profit and we only get little one;
3.COSTOMER's things is our self things . customer's success is our success , customer's trouble is our trouble
4.COSTOMER is GOD, we must serve customer welll without any excuse.

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