Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WSRM---You get what you pay for one coin!


WSRM---You get what you pay for one coin!
We always meet customer talking with us for the price. they always want us low the price, and they can take a tons of example to show us which company has reduced the price and it's so low than our price.if u r sales or ur own uself business, do u meet this customer ?
i sure, u do.
how do u do it ?
maybe it's different way for different sales and entrepreneur.
i do'nt want here to tell u i m best doing on this issue.i only want share my opinion here and tell my customer how t take the right position on it.
as u know, LEDlights is trend in the worldwide and it's irreversible trend in the worldwide. so many capital invest this field to produce LEDlights and they all want get big the market , i heard this words can provent the "hot investment "in the LEDlights field ,"its' entered this market even the pig sales businessman".it's so hot industry ,and it's become the Red Sea.
under these curcumstances,how about LEDlights market?
So hot , So muddledness,So competitive.
And for customer, especially the no-proffessional customer, they do'nt know how to consider supplier whether right or not from the LEDlights market.
many many times, customer get the price from these supplier who want get the order and hope get the turn back money quickly .but,they do'nt mind the quality and the after sale service.
For these company , which is their advantage ?technology?Brand?design?
nothing, they have'nt any advantage in the current LEDlights market.but they want get the order. how to do it ?
Maybe the price is a big weapon for them. cus,most of customer like the cheap products. they want save their money .
But it's not all of customer know how to choose faithful and dependable and banner supplier.they only can tell u "wow , ur price is so high than other supplier".when u ask for ur customer why they trust them ,ur customer usually answered to u :no reason.or when u analysis the factor to ur customer, they will be silence but still insist on the cheap supplier.
For the LEDlights price, we set up it according these factor:1.LED dice,2.LED driver.3.LED shell.4.LED Footprint(PCB) and PCB materrial.5.connect wire.sometimes , we need to electroplate the LED the LEDlights cost is including these factor, usually , we set up the price is the whole material cost (5 factor) the 5 factor is main factor of the price, if the price is cheapl ,usually the one of 5 factor must be cheap.then the price can be low.
in ancient china, there r a sentence "you get what you pay for one coin"
So, my customer, do u know why some supplier quote to u so cheap lights ?
we r honest and resposibility manufacturer,we want take a long term and win-win corportation with our customer.actually in the current market , we usually only plus 20% of material as our price. its' low profit for us.
So when i usually told my customer when they ask for my low my price :do u want low which one factor price whithin the 5 factor ?if u agree, no problem, i can follow u low the price. and the quality will be low a degree.
usually , customer do'nt ask for m to low my price.they know the first important is the quality but the price.
the essential factor is most of customer do'nt want lost their customer.
So , price is always no problem.remember this sentance "you get what you pay for one coin"


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