Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WSRM---LEDlights light up your life:Why so many people want find job in LINKEDin ?


WSRM---LEDlights light up your life:Why so many people want find job in LINKEDin ?

What's wrong ?so many people want find the job in LINKEDin Especially Syria's people, we understand thant it's unrest in Syria, so Syria's poeple want move to another area to avoid the unrest, they want  find a job and stay saftly . it's understanding for everyone. how can we help them in the worldwide?though we can'nt solve their country's situation , but i think we can help them find a job.

it's not only from m in china. i think. everyone's better felling's will guid them to do it. but the question is how .actually i can introduce them to china working in my friend's company or my company. and r there so many peoples ?how many i can help it ?it's limitted.and if they was employed in china, what's they can do ?is't suitable for china's company ?or is't suitable for themself?Most of my friend is LEDlights manufactuer same as my company . we only produce LEDlights to the worldwide, we want recruit the people they can help us to promote our LEDligths to the worldwide. our desire is hire them was sales. is't desire for them?if they will, its ok, no problem, they can work in china as LEDlights sales.

As u know, china's economoy was developing versy fast ,and the LEDlights field also is booming fast in china main land and the worldwide. i want increase my LEDlights business speed. how to do it ?find the sales in the worldwide is on way to do it. why not join my LEDlights business as a sales or representative in ur area or going shenzhen china working ?actually, i do'nt consider my staff as my employee, they are my corporator , they are my friend , they are my supporter, we want achieve same aim to work hard togerther. so i want find the person of understanding ability in the worldwide join my LEDlights career, it's not only means LEDlights business , its' also a career for m and for my corporator, and for the world. i m not crazy , it's my dream and my staff's dream , we want bring our LEDlights to the worldwide.and want make the dream as ur dream ,his dream the worlds dream.

we want all of the people living in the world all in happy and health and wealth forever, especially now, wish all of the Syria's people peaceful and safty and health and happy forever.
Syrian, remember, i want help u in my ability .

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