Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WSRM---LEDlights :Who is LEDligths customer?


WSRM---LEDlights :Who is  LEDligths customer?

Usually , we faced the customer is wholesaler and projecter customer. But some times,how to find the customer become a question for wholesaler and projecter customer ?
I think it's not difficult problem.
LEDlights is a trend in the worldwide , anyone can'nt block the trend in the's only time the LEDlights replaced the traditional light in the world.cos the diffirent situation is for the different country and area and people , so it's also proceessing in the world .This why some area and country was done it fastly and some area and country was slowly done it or plan to do it. Anyway , we don'nt need warry the market. it's huge , and it's worldwide and for evry family.
Currently , if your r wholesaler or projecter , u can find your customer from :supermarket /hospital/school/factory the organization or government , they are ture potential customer.if u do it. u can get big success on finding your customer.

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