Sunday, November 25, 2012

WSRM---LED CABINETlighs make ur life better!

WSRM---LED CABINETlighs make ur life better!

Stainless steel alloy shell, or round or square or triangular shape, simple and generous light body design,Fine Manufacturing. Emitted from the top-down soft and comfortable light, to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, giving a warm, comfortable feeling, highlight the noble and elegant, increase quality of life. LED colors can be customized: red\ orange\yellow\ green \blueness\ blue\violet color in order to meet the full needs of the different scenarios;

Using high-brightness LED /SMD3014/3528/5050 as the light source, start fast, light color consistency is good, no flicker, lower power consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions;
Power of 1W, to meet the kitchen lighting needs; to configure an external or built-in dedicated DC12V LED drive power, work stability, high light efficiency to ensure the stability and service life; with clamp fixed installation, simple and convenient.

Widely used in cabinets, wine cabinets, furniture, hotel front desk, hotel bar, museums, beauty salons, coffee bar, jewelry shops, exhibition, display cabinets, window display of goods, cabinets, etc.;
The fine performance of the green light and do in which; enjoy life, enjoy the lights.



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